This little guy packs a lot of punch. I got it for the city apartment and couldn't be happier with the sound quality. The question now is - Alpha 2 or Red Wolf for the house.

J. LatnerSaddle River, NJ
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The Cub

Compact form factor for smaller racks

Perfect for the Analog listener getting into Hi-Res Audio

Modules coming for expansion

The Cub may be our lowest price-point offering, but it is by no means an entry-level product. The performance of this system has made a lot of our customers permanent converts to the sonic clarity and ease of use of a digital audio server in the stereo room. Given its small form factor, it is perfect for the office or bedroom or where rack space is limited. We continually upgrade software and hardware as new technologies become available, so when you buy The Cub, you can be sure you have a server with a high audio pedigree and the ability to let the Cub grow into a full sized Wolf.


  • 3.2GB/s system drive boots faster than anything you’ve used before
  • 1TB Music Drive
  • USB Type-C connectivity for ultra-fast, isolated storage

We have spent more than three years customizing the OS and Media Center and now ROON to virtually eliminate the manual task of configuring and integrating The Cub into your system.  We could write pages of details about the many things we do to every build, but suffice it to say that it is a lot, and ever evolving.

Using the same robust settings and configurations found on the Alpha 2 and Red Wolf, The Cub is preconfigured to allow you to use your favorite music apps from the time you turn it on. .

Stereo audio and multichannel audio often travel different paths on their way to your speakers. We create the custom configurations that automate the switching process. Based on your listening preferences, the application adapts the output  methods and sources to the appropriate zones, and when paired with a smart remote, the process becomes even easier, switching your hardware to the settings as needed. We are actively working with several Universal Remote technologies to integrate their platforms with the Alpha II to truly integrate into your home.  Because while our focus is 2 channel audio, the sheer strength and extensibility of a Wolf system cannot be overstated. 2 Channel audio is where it starts, where else it does is up to you.

We have tested the quality of 2 channel listening while also sending audio to other places in the home over the network, and the result is as we hoped: no impact to the sound quality. If you haven’t started down the path of automation or whole home audio, the Alpha II is a perfect (and very substantial) way to get started. The Cub can serve as the central hub for your whole home, delivering audio and video anywhere in the house (and outside it, over the internet.) The system currently ships running Windows 10 Pro, though we are always testing new OS’s in the search for the best sound and experience.  In a few words, Windows 10 is the gold standard OS for modern audio, and our choice for maximum reliability, convenience, features and experience.

We developed the first Wolf based on what we didn’t find in so-called servers and streamers. To buy a streamer means also needing to buy a desktop or laptop system to purchase music and move it over to the device. It was all too much for us, so we focused on bringing high power into HiFi. We wanted to build a system that could do it all, and evolve over the years with technology – this is where streamers will get left behind. We accomplished that, and then some. And then we gave our systems a three year warranty and a five year upgrade path.  Our customers are very happy.

Origin Story

The Cub was born from a very basic need we saw in a lot of our listeners stereo rooms. We’ve seen DAC’s stacked on top of all kinds of components, as most racks were purchased when CD’s reigned supreme. Pint sized DAC’s like the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ or Ayre Codex are more powerful than ever, and there is space left over on the shelf for a small system – we just needed to build it.

In addition, we wanted to create a system for the people who are either new to high end audio, or are only interested in a subset of the capabilities of an Alpha 2, i.e. Hi-Res Audio. They don’t want to rip their CD collection, they just need a modern device that has all the great ease of use qualities of our Alpha 2 line but in a smaller, simpler implementation.

We’ve put a lot of work into developing this system, maintaining our strict standards for audio quality while keeping costs down. We are pretty proud of it, and happy to be able to start offering it as of March 15th.

The same Wolf experience... in a chassis one-third the size

The Cub may be smaller but it shares some serious Hi-Fi lineage with its brothers.

Hard Cores

Intel's latest CPU, the 7th generation Core processors.

Speed like this is tough to beat

When it comes to building systems, sound is our foremost concern, but a close second is speed... we extensively test and choose configurations that will outperform and outlast any store-bought system.

“Wow, you have done very nice work on this server! The longer I listen the more powerful and erudite it sounds. The data retrieval is amazing, far, far beyond CD players I have used. It is quite an accomplishment! ”

Seasoned Reviewer— DD, WI

“No sooner did I get the Alpha 2 dialed in, then Mitch called and told me he pulled the trigger on the Red Wolf. I wont let him bring it over because I just don't want to know. We are loving this system and have to fight the kids over who plays what. That has never happened in my room before! The sound blows me away every time. Just an awesome, awesome product. Thanks guys!”

— Kevin S. , Hilton HeadThe Beach Bum

“"Guys, it has been said before, but it is worth repeating... these systems are game changers. We've thrown HQPlayer and Fidelizer on the Alpha 2, and there is no discernible difference to what you've done natively. You've got something going on, and it is fantastic!”

Steve M. , FloridaMaster Tinkerer

“Every time I have managed to f*** the Wolf up, you get it back in working order in no time. If you were local, I'd have you support the whole house! Seriously guys, I am loving this server and I can't tell you just how much I am enjoying it. It's a whole new side of music I never knew I could have, just sheer bliss.”

— Jason, NYThe Potty Mouth

“Just when I thought audio couldn't get much better, I had to go to the New York Audio Show and find out that I was wrong. I am familiar with servers, a few of my friends have them. However, your system is so much more elegant and simple to use that I couldn't resist. I don't want to fiddle with things, I want to sit down and listen to music, and the Wolf does that, and a hell of a lot more! Bluray audio disks are a whole new level of audiophile listening, and has me thinking about multichannel audio for the first time. I can see putting the Cub in the TV room and linking the systems together. That would be awesome!”

Ben, NJThe Titan of Industry

“Words can't desribe how much more I am appreciating my stereo system with the Wolf server. If digital audio had lead with a product like this, there wouldn't be any arguments. The server sounds fantastic and is a heck of a lot more fun to use than anything digital that spins. I am glad you talked me into the touchscreen, I love it, the wife loves it, just a great time and investment all around.”

Jace, ArizonaThe Vinyl Guru

I’m ready! Let’s pick a Cub…

  • 1TB Music Drive
  • 250GB System Drive
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB Music Drive
  • 250GB System Drive
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4TB Music Drive
  • 250GB System Drive
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4TB Music Drive
  • 1TB System Drive
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Core i7-7700 CPU

Make one all your own...

Building a server is a highly personal experience. Servers are different from Amplifiers or Speakers because they can be custom tailored to address your wants and needs. Have a lot of CDs to rip on top of a growing Hi-Res collection? A bump in storage will ensure you have space for years.  Intend to use several apps beyond Media Center and Roon with your Wolf? Upping the system drive will give you plenty of space for installed apps and increasing RAM will keep the system snappy, even if all apps are up and working at the same time. Adding a more powerful processor helps with overall system speed and lets you play bandwidth heavy DSD256, DSD512 and whatever else comes next.

SSD Size Calculator

Use this chart to determine how much SSD you’ll need. Consider that Hi-Res Albums can range from 800MB to 3GB in size. A 5 minute song in 24/96 can be as much as 125MB; The Allman Brothers  at Fillmore East is 1.7GB. At that rate, you have 500 Hi-Res Albums per TB (Terabyte) ((1000 Gigabytes))

16, 24 and  32 Bits, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, or 384kHz


Native DSD or DoP (DSD over PCM), 2.8, 5.6, or 11.2MHz)


256GB System Drive, 1TB Music Drive


2 shielded USB ports, 1 optical (Toslink)


Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11/n/ac


7th Gen ProcessingCore Starting with the i3-7300 and working up to the i7-7700.  The Cub just ate your Mac Mini and it is still hungry.


8GB DDR4 RAM expandable to 32GB


(4) USB 3.0 type A

(1) USB 3.1 Type C


Ethernet (RJ45), IR In, USB-A, USB 3 .1 Type C


100VAC, 115VAC, or 230VAC, factory set