Wolf Audio Systems

Look no further. The world's best audio servers live here.


Wolf Audio Systems

High-res audio servers for audiophiles


Top-shelf Componentry

We source and exhaustively test the latest hardware
to ensure that our machines are technologically at the front of the pack.


Sonic Purity

Experience the true Hi-Res sound Wolf customers rave about. Our machines were built first and foremost by ear. We bring the musicians into your stereo room. 

Plug me in!

Ultimate Connect

USB, HDMI, Optical and Ethernet, and more coming – there isn’t much a Wolf won’t do. Send Audio over USB or optical, while Video travels HDMI. Play to several devices at once – A/B Testing is a breeze!

Full Control

Connect with your Wolf however you want. Whether by wireless keyboard, touchscreen monitor, smart phone or tablet, you’re in control. 


Simple media navigation

The startup screen allows you to easily select your medium of choice. These are audiophile servers first and foremost, however, you aren't limited to music.

Don’t let the small footprint fool you, this is a pint-sized server with a serious Hi-Fi pedigree.
A serious machine that is the foundation of all Wolf servers.
The king of sound quality with all of the best features we could fit into a server at this price point.

The Cub

Alpha 2

Red Wolf

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Multiple control options

Play and organize your media on a tablet with the touch of your finger.


Control and Navigation

When we want to quickly navigate or manage our music, keyboard control is a huge feature we've given the Wolf.


Television, monitors, touch screens, tablets...

Easily navigate and play your music however is right for you.


"I am still amazed at how easily I have access to my favorite music. Sometimes I use the TV, sometimes the TV and touchscreen, and other times I can just use my tablet."

Henry Friedman Wolf Customer

Theater View

Theater view searches the web for images of the artists currently playing, creating a fun and new visual aspect to the listening session.

Enter the Den