Server Features

The driving design philosophy behind Wolf Audio Systems servers is to accomplish all of the tasks critical to the modern audiophile – without sacrificing sound. We at Wolf think it is not enough to create a device that will just take music and play it. Listeners need a platform to purchase, stream, rip, serve, manage their libraries (metadata, transcoding, upsampling, etc.) and yes, even watch concert videos and movies. It needs to be easy to use, to the point that our children, parents, even our grandparents were enlisted to streamline the configurations and interfaces to keep using a Wolf accessible to all. Our goal was to create a system that took no shortcuts – world class sound, industry leading power, and none of the compromises prevalent in so many of todays digital audio products. Wolf has accomplished this not once, but three times in all of its product lines.

Audio Software

Media Center
Media Center by JRiver is one of the most comprehensive, long-lived and best sounding audio applications out there, period. It supports CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and almost every file type out there. Its database is optimized to effortlessly manage  massive music collections. Features include a robust and completely customizable phone and tablet application, a DLNA server to move music and video beyond the stereo room, skinnable interfaces and support for streaming audio, video, and the list goes on… this is our go-to favorite application – the Swiss Army Knife of audio. We have taken our combined decades of experience with Media Center to create a fully configured system build that is ready to go, right out of the box.

Theater View

Theater View – the 10 Foot View – is where you get started. Navigate through it with a remote control, the tablet app, a keyboard and mouse or touchscreen moniter. This view commands attention – when people are just meeting a Wolf, in shops, at shows, in stereo rooms, all eyes stay up here. There have been other display solutions out there, but this is something special. The Artist and Album views allow you to quickly traverse your collection, or create your own views particular to your collection and listening style. It has a great built in search feature that will help you track down a track within a few clicks.

Theater View Home

It sounds better than Roon and can handle 20TB libraries.

Standard View

Standard View is the administrative view. If you have used iTunes or other software titles in the past two decades, this will feel familiar. This view gives you the sum of the features and capabilities of Media Center in one window. It’s great for casual music browsing and listening, and a fantastic tool for  music management and advanced functionality, taking music beyond the stereo room.

24 Bit Audio to DSD, the ability to play several streams at once is a prerequisite for every Wolf.
Playing higher bit-rate audio to DACs that aren't DSD compatible
Rip your discs and put them in the attic, you are done. Many of us have CD players that are starting to show their age, and the single biggest step to enjoying your CD collection is playing it through a newer DAC.