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Ctrl + P Play / Pause
Ctrl + S Stop
Ctrl + Shift + S Stop after current file (toggle)
Ctrl + L Previous Track / File
Ctrl + N Next Track / File
Ctrl + M Mute (toggle)
Ctrl + + (Num Pad) Volume Up 1%
Ctrl + =
Ctrl + – Volume Down 1%
Ctrl + R Reshuffle
Ctrl + Shift + R Shuffle Remaining
Ctrl + Left Arrow Rewind
Ctrl + Right Arrow Fast-Forward
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Jump Back
Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Jump Forward
Alt + M Use alternate playback settings (toggle)
Ctrl + T Cycle through zones
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + Shift + A Invert Selection
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + Insert
Ctrl + V Paste
Shift + Insert
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste Tags
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Paste Listening To Information (Global)
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Delete Delete
Shift + Delete Delete files from the database and the current playlist.
F8 Add New Playlist
F9 Add New Smartlist
F10 Add New Playlist Group
F2 Rename / In-place editing
F4 Page Tagging (toggle)
Alt + Enter Tag Action Window (toggle)
Shift + Ctrl + 0 Clear rating of currently playing file. (The third command replaces the first two as of MC21.0.71.)
Shift + Ctrl + NumPad0
Shift + Ctrl + Delete
Shift + Ctrl + 1…5 Rate currently playing file 1…5
Shift + Ctrl + NumPad1…NumPad5
I (letter i) Zoom In
+ (num pad) Note older versions of MC might use CTRL+ +. So if you are using an older version of MC, and ‘+’ does not work, try holding down CTRL key while pressing ‘+’
O (letter o) Zoom Out
– (both num pad and main keyboard area)
Note older versions of MC might use CTRL+ -. So if you are using an older version of MC, and ‘-‘ does not work, try holding down CTRL key while pressing ‘-‘
Up Arrow Up
Down Arrow Down
Left Arrow Left
While video/television is playing, Left Arrow makes the video jump backward a pre-configured number of seconds (default is 10 seconds)
Right Arrow Right
While video/television is playing, Right Arrow makes the video jump forward a pre-configured number of seconds (default is 30 seconds)
Enter Multipurpose: Pauses video playback; toggles display mode for images; plays current items in file list group for audio
A Set Default Aspect Ratio
Home First Item
End Last Item
Page Down Next Item
Shift + Page Down
Page Up Previous Item
Shift + Page Up
Space Pause (toggle)
P Pan and Zoom (toggle)
E Next Effects Mode
W Previous Effects Mode
1 Zoom, Reset
2…9 Zoom, Factor 2…9
Ctrl + Shift + L Toggle Audio Stream
Ctrl + Shift + R Record TV
Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen Take Screen Snapshot
Ctrl + Shift + F Change Standard
Ctrl + Shift + Tab OSD Cycle Video Processor
Ctrl + Shift + Up OSD Next Video Processor
Ctrl + Shift + Down OSD Previous Video Processor
0…9 Change Channel
NumPad0…NumPad 9
F11 Toggles Display View Fullscreen/Detached, or Theater View/Display View/Standard View
Shift + F11 Theater View
ESC Return to Standard Mode from Full Screen or Theater View
Ctrl + 1 Standard View
Ctrl + 2 Mini View
Ctrl + 3 Display View
Ctrl + 4 Theater View
Ctrl + 5 Cover View
Ctrl + 6 Detach Display (toggle)
Alt + 1 Start (in tree)
Alt + NumPad1
Alt + 2 Playing Now
Alt + NumPad2
Alt + 3 Last Open Media Mode in Tree
Alt + NumPad3
Alt + 4 Images
Alt + NumPad4
Alt + 5 Video
Alt + NumPad5
Alt + 6 Podcasts
Alt + NumPad6
Alt + 7 Playlists
Alt + NumPad7
Alt + 8 Devices & Drives
Alt + NumPad8
Alt + 9 Scheduler & Plug-ins
Alt + NumPad9
Ctrl + E Search using Text Mode
Ctrl + F Set focus to Search box
Ctrl + Shift + F Search using Search Wizard
Ctrl + Q Quick Search in a list
F3 Find Next in Quick Search
Ctrl + Tab Next View / Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous View / Tab
Ctrl + W Close Active Tab or View
F5 Refresh
Alt + Left Navigate Backward
Alt + Right Navigate Forward
Shift + Backspace
Ctrl + U Toggle List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + U Automatic List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + I Details List Style (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + O View Thumbnails (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + Shift + P View Album Thumbnails (focus must be in bottom list pane)
Ctrl + G Collapse All in Tree
Tab Move Keyboard Focus forwards
Shift + Tab Move Keyboard Focus backwards
List Navigation
Up Arrow Move selection up
Down Arrow Move selection down
Left Arrow Move selection left
Right Arrow Move selection right
Page Up Move selection to top of visible list
Page Down Move selection to bottom of visible list
Home Move selection to first item in list
End Move selection to last item in list
Enter Multipurpose: Toggles file list in Category view; Starts playback of selected file list items
<keys> Change selection using type-select
Alt + F Show File Menu
Alt + E Show Edit Menu
Alt + V Show View Menu
Alt + P Show Player Menu
Alt + T Show Tools Menu
Alt + H Show Help Menu
Ctrl + O Options
F7 Tune TV
Alt + F4 Exit
F1 Help
Ctrl + J Check for Updates
Ctrl + Shift + T Test

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