27″ Touchscreen Monitor


Our favorite screen – we are using it right now. Comes with 25′ HDMI and USB Cables.

Our favorite touchscreen. This monitor sits on a small table next to our sitting position so that we can easily browse our music collection while never having to look for a remote. This is the monitor you will see us using at audio shows and when giving demos in shops. Using a touchscreen monitor gives you a whole new level of interaction with music that is every bit as engaging an experience as using a record player, but it allows you to keep your seat. Add the fact that the Media Center application goes out to the web to pull down imagery on what’s Playing Now to present a slideshow to you, and putting a monitor next to your seat makes a lot of sense. Awesome color, great touch responsiveness, even some extra USB ports, making this monitor a hub to plug in extra hard drives, printers, or whatever you desire (don’t plug your DAC into it). Edge-to-edge glass surface, wide viewing angle, and built-in HD webcam. The monitor includes a sleek, easily-adjustable and ergonomically-friendly stand for comfortable and controlled user experiences. It is also capable of 20-point touch. We don’t even know what to do with 20-point touch, but it sure sounds awesome. UPDATE: This monitor is a great tool to video chat with our customers, helping us to support, get a better sense of their stereo rooms, and otherwise better engage them. Certainly an unexpected but cool development.

  • Comes with 25 foot HDMI (flat) and 25 foot USB 3 Extension cable
  • Viewable Size: 27″ diagonal (23.54″ horizontal x 13.24″ vertical)
  • Touchscreen Type: Projected Capacitive
  • Touchscreen Interface: USB
  • Display Type: Edge-Lit LED LCD; Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Panel Depth : 1.95″ (49.65 mm)

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Weight 16 lbs


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