The Alpha 2 – Special Order Demo

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 The Alpha 2 Demo  w/ FLUX Capacitor


2TB internal Storage

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Demo Discount $4500

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We have spent more than three years customizing the OS and Media Center and now ROON to virtually eliminate the manual task of configuring and integrating the Alpha II into your system. We could write pages of details about the many things we do to every build, but suffice it to say that it is a lot, and ever evolving.

Stereo audio and multichannel audio often travel different paths on their way to your speakers. We create the custom configurations that automate the switching process. Based on your listening preferences, the application adapts the output methods and sources to the appropriate zones, and when paired with a smart remote, the process becomes even easier, switching your hardware to the settings as needed. We are actively working with several Universal Remote technologies to integrate their platforms with the Alpha II to truly integrate into your home. Because while our focus is 2 channel audio, the sheer strength and extensibility of a Wolf system cannot be overstated. 2 Channel audio is where it starts, where else it does is up to you.

We have tested the quality of 2 channel listening while also sending audio to other places in the home over the network, and the result is as we hoped: no impact to the sound quality. If you haven’t started down the path of automation or whole home audio, the Alpha II is a perfect (and very substantial) way to get started. The Alpha II can serve as the central hub for your whole home, delivering audio and video anywhere in the house (and outside it, over the internet.) The system currently ships running Windows 10 Pro, though we are always testing new OS’s in the search for the best sound and experience. In a few words, Windows 10 is the gold standard OS for modern audio, and our choice for maximum reliability, convenience, features and experience.

Our Guarantee 

We developed the first Wolf based on what we didn’t find in so-called servers and streamers. To buy a streamer means also needing to buy a desktop or laptop system to purchase music and move it over to the device. It was all too much for us, so we focused on bringing high power into HiFi. We wanted to build a system that could do it all, and evolve over the years with technology – this is where where streamers will get left behind. We accomplished that, and then some. And then we gave our systems a three year warranty and a five year upgrade path. Our customers are very happy.


  • Gen 7 Kaby Lake  3.80GHz Quad core CPU
  • DDR4 RAM 3000MHz
  • 256GB System Drive, 1TB Music Drive
  • Expandable to 12TB internal SSD
  • 240W power supply
  • Best in class galvanically isolated USB audio
  • FLAC / WAV / AIFF / ALAC / SACD (PCM) 16 – 32 Bits, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, or 384kHz
  • DSD64, 126, 256 Native or DoP
  • Control: Android, iOS, Keyboard & Mouse, Web browser, IR remote, Touchscreen monitor
  • 4k HDMI & Multichannel Audio
  • TV and Monitor support – touchscreen capable
  • Serve audio & video around the home
  • Integrate with Home Automation and Remote Control (IR & WIFI) Technologies – Crestron, Savant, URC, Control4

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 14 in


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