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Power conditioning is a very important link in the audio chain – one that we were initially late to the party on… It all started with a PS Audio Power Port that showed us just how much cleaner power could improve our stereo, and between then and now, we’ve stepped the Wolf reference system up to several levels of Audience AdeptResponse Conditioning.  The aR6-TSSOX is the best Power Conditioner out there, unless you need the aR12… we have the 6 at home, we love it, it goes where we go. Audience’s products are universally praised, just search around the web a bit. Audience has a level of appreciation where their cables and power products are accepted as among the very best, without comment. It is the same with the aR6 family. It’s just that good.

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We first got our hands (Audience might refer to them as our grubby mitts, but that’s neither here nor there) on the aR6-TSSOX  for the RMAF 2016 show, our first rodeo with Audience. Since then, we don’t go anywhere without it. Shop demo of a Wolf in Virginia? The AR comes along. The main Wolf room is sadly powered by 1950’s era power through some serious brick before arriving way out where we’ve been banished… we needed a room where things that aren’t tweeters can be poked with plastic swords. The reality is awesome – several doors and a garage separate our gear from certain destruction and apple juice, the downside is all the interference that comes from being at the end of the line.  We isolated as best we could, but we can’t fix everything, and that’s where the aR6 comes in. Simply put, the aR cleans the slate of power related noise in this room. It has let us delay the brickwork project – running new isolated lines – the improvement was that drastic. The noise floor is as low as we’ve ever heard it, the transients and attacks clearer, more defined.

We could wax poetic about the aR6 and what it does for our sound, but we’ll leave that to more experienced writers. There are more than a few who have bought their review sample, and to be honest, all the great stereos we know about either have an Adept Response already, or it was on the shortlist for a new acquisition.

One of my favorite lines from the various reviews: “Like TAS Editor Robert Harley once said to me, “You need a power conditioner.” I have one now. It’s the Audience aR6-TSS. – Garrett Hongo

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Review aR6-TSS: Robert Harley once said to me “You need a power conditioner.”

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aR6 aR6-TS aR6-TSSOX
Auricap XO+


Film Capacitors


Teflon Capacitors

Standard Filter
OFC Internal

Power Wiring


Internal Power Wiring

Hospital Grade

Hubbell Outlets

Aud-X Rhodium

Plated Copper Outlets


Circuit Breaker

Ground Plane
Each Outlet

Fully Filtered

Double Filtering

Between Outlets

6ft. 10AWG

powerChord SE-i

(Upgrades Available)

Optional 6ft. 10AWG

Au24 SE powerChord

+$1735 +$1735 +$1735
Optional 6ft. 10AWG

Au24 SX powerChord

+$4200 +$4200 +$4200

A word from the Manufacturer –

The Adept Response will elevate the performance of your audio/video system to new heights like no other power conditioner. In addition to superior power protection, the Adept Response delivers the ultimate audio/video experience.

The Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioner is a cutting edge design providing the best power conditioning possible without limiting dynamics. Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material we believe it is imperative that power conditioning components present a low impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. Conventional power conditioners simply cannot approach the bandwidth/impedance characteristics of the Adept Response while still offering effective noise filtration and high voltage surge protection. Exclusive Audience technology achieves far greater performance for all audio and video components.

Of the power conditioning products on the market today few allow your playback system to attain full dynamic range or reproduce subtle dynamic contrasts accurately. The other culprit afflicting most power conditioning products is the ubiquitous MOV. (Metal Oxide Varistor) The MOV is a sacrificial device. This means it wears down over time until it fails completely. Its purpose is to clamp high voltage transients safely to ground instead of through your equipment. This would be fine if it didn’t break down and behave like the world’s worst capacitor across your power line, storing energy and releasing it as performance robbing, time delayed distortion into your audio system. The effect is quite audible. For surge protection the Adept Response employs a non-wearing type high voltage transient suppression.

Adept Response uses only the finest conducting, filtering and transient suppression components. Even the power switch is exceptional, a very high quality magnetic circuit breaker. The advantage over thermal circuit breakers is that thermal breakers increase in resistance as power demand increases, causing heat dependent, resistive modulation of the incoming voltage. This effectively reduces the power available to your equipment just when you need it most. The design employed in the Adept Response provides for the most natural flow of music.

The state of the art inductive components used in the Adept Response power conditioner add no significant series resistance. This maintains a low impedance power path to your playback system. Also, the Adept Response performs partial power factor correction. This helps restore natural dynamics by bringing the AC voltage and current into a better phase relationship allowing a more efficient transfer of power. With the Adept Response as your power conditioner all aspects of the audio/video performance are greatly improved. Your playback system will no longer be starved of clean high quality power. The result is realistic, beautiful audio and stunning video resolution.

Each of the 12 outlets is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet providing maximum component to component isolation. An entire audio or video system can easily be powered by the same conditioner, including everything from digital components and phonograph preamplifiers to power amplifiers. This extensive noise filtering creates a lower noise floor and improves low level resolution, providing superior sound stage presentation. Power amplifiers plugged into the Adept Response display increased dynamics and perform as if they were more powerful.

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