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Here at the Wolf Den, we are constantly switching components out, testing and trying new gear as we search for the best system we can build. We do it for our own collection, for our customers and for audio shows. Eliminating variables is a must for us, we need to know that what we are hearing is the device, and nothing else. Audience has a fantastic ability to become invisible, fading into the background and passing along the signal in the most neutral, faithful way possible. The SX line is the maturation and perfection of that art. The build quality, the copper used, the XPLE shielding – all coalesce into a great product (products, we just got the SX XLR’s and it’s a whole new level of awesome) that is our new normal, the baseline by which all other things are measured.  We have not yet found a better RCA, and are pretty sure that you won’t either. We have the entire SX loom here, and are in the process of switching out all of our components to test and listen to each one. Our previous cables (from a different company) had a forwardness and a slight darkness that we didn’t realize was there. Effectively, there is the potential that everything we have will get much better, letting the product shine with a clean pane of glass between them and the pre-amplifier.  Whoever said having no personality was a bad thing obviously wasn’t considering their cables.

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Au24 SX audio cables represent the biggest transformation in cable performance ever achieved by Audience. ALL of the SX cables are notably more transparent, dynamic, more resolved and have greater weight and authority, immediately noticeable. Everyone who has tried them thus far has been very impressed with the advancements we have achieved through the use of purer OCC copper (now six nines) and higher quality XLPE dielectric insulation as well as tweaking of geometry as compared to the historic lines of Au24 cables. Audience double cryogenically treats all SX cables in our in-house cryo lab. Each component part of the cable is individually treated, then, after the cables are assembled and tested, we cryo the completed cable. This is process is called CRYO².

Au24 SX are offered in RCA, XLR, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, phono and all configurations of loudspeaker cables. Note that the Au24 SX speaker cables are a heavier gauge than the previous Au24 SE. In comparison to the SE, the SX speaker cables are more relaxed yet more dynamic and have a richer tonal palette. The RCA connectors are a new proprietary solder-free design. And the XLR is a whole new true dedicated differential cable designed from the ground up solely for balanced circuits.

Au24 SX cables, like all previous Au24 cables, are low mass and low eddy current resistance designs with minimal jacketing materials. They retain natural timing and timbre thus recreating original sound fields like no other cables.

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