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New from Audience! Relative to the cost of other Audience PowerChords, some might call the Forte f3 an entry level power cable, but that couldn’t be further from reality. Wolf has had the Forte f3 for a few weeks now, and this is product that is very decidedly Audience. It has Audience’s DNA: the same select copper, geometry, cryogenic treatment and a beautiful, understated finish. The Forte f3 is quite simply a higher class than its cost might lead you to believe.  We are impressed with the build quality, and it has a great aesthetic and flexibility in our rack. If you are just getting into power cables, or need to power some gear that hasn’t yet received good cabling treatment, this is definitely one to consider.  While our amplifier is fed by an SX Chord we decided to swap out with the originally included IEC for a few days, and then put the Forte f3 in its place.  The improvement was immediate, and while it isn’t the SX, it was a quantum leap over the standard IEC, and a big bump even over some ~$1000 cables we have from other manufacturers. John and Co. took what they know and did us all a big favor with the Forte f3. Kemosabe, jump on it!

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What makes the Forte f3 so awesome? Audience leveraged their accumulated knowledge from the development of the SE-i and SX lines to create a PowerChord  at a lower price point than ever before.

  • Six 9’s Copper (99.9999% pure OFC stranded copper)
  • 10 AWG Conductors
  • The same XLPE Dielectric as in the SX cables
  • The same geometry as the SX
  • Shielded drain to ground eliminates stray RF and EMI
  • C688 Olin Brass contacts

Audience PowerChords

No other component engenders more controversy than aftermarket power cords. Traditionalists will often wonder what difference a power cord can make when the electricity has traveled through miles of electric lines to get to your wall outlet.  The real question to be asked is, “what kind of damage does your audio component sustain by using a standard small gauge power cord?” The answer to that question is, “plenty”.

By their very design, stock power cords impede transients, radiate electromagnetic noise and resist the smooth flow of electricity between the component and the electrical source. More often than not, they are “reactive” meaning that their design introduces capacitance, inductance and resistance into the electron flow which will compromise the interface between the component and the power source. In addition, they often act as antennas in their ability to attract radio frequencies. As one can see, the innocuous looking power cord can introduce major distortion in an audio system.

Audience powerChord and Au24 powerChord products effectively deal with all of the sources of distortion which are endemic to the stock power cord. Instead of obstructing the smooth flow of electricity to your components Audience power cords offer a highly conductive and effective way to provide your component with clean, undistorted and noise free power.

Another way to look at the power cord is to reverse the traditional  view. Rather than the last few feet in a long line of power delivery, the power cord is the first few feet of your component’s primary transformer winding. Viewed this way, the power cord assumes an all-important and essential part in preserving the performance or your system. Audience power cords eliminate the damaging choke point that is represented by the stock power cord.

Not all electronic phenomena are understood by conventional science or revealed through existing test procedures. The superior sonic enhancement of a good high performance audio/video power cord is no exception. While aftermarket power cords are a most controversial subject, the improvements they offer are also the most easily demonstrated. In many systems going from a stock power cord to a high quality cord designed for audio/video playback can be nothing short of transformational.

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