The Alpha 2 – Configurator


 The Alpha 2 is our debut device, updated for 2018. It’s perfect for the audiophile who wants to integrate their existing media collection – whether your CD collection or hard drive, from iTunes to FLAC and DSD – into the next step of audio evolution. The Alpha 2 takes all the best of digital media storage, playback and delivery and consolidates all of these disciplines into one highly tuned system with a ton of built-in capabilities and future-proof hardware that will keep the music playing for years to come. As the audio world evolves, the Alpha 2 evolves with it, expanding its feature sets and growing with you. Our Alpha 2 owners have upgraded from their laptops, home brew machines, Mac Mini’s and even some competitors machines, and they are very glad they did. Stay tuned for some reviews and notes from them.
*Note – All options must be selected to reflect configurations cost

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