Audience AU24 SE USB Cable


Our USB cable that we don't go anywhere without. To say this thing is beloved in the industry is an understatement.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that the AU has two jacketed sets of conductors rather than one. One set carries the signal, and the other, the power. The data conductors are shielded silver-coated OCC copper wires with Teflon insulation. The power conductors are also shielded and made from OCC copper wire with polypropylene insulation. This separation of signal and power conductors is key to the AU24 SE’s performance. The AU24 SE is available with either one or two USB-A connectors at the source end. In the single-connector version, the power and signal conductors are joined at the USB connector.

We worked with Audience to tune this USB cable specifically for our systems. We have yet to find a cable we like better.  You’ll see the AU24 SE USB cable in use in every shop where our products are found, and at every show we visit.  It’s just that good.


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