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The Red Wolf 2 builds on the success of the original Red Wolf,  keeping the great technology DNA of the original, expanding the Storage and RAM and making a giant leap in the power supply chain. We’ve also incorporated a heck of a lot more of our discoveries in shielding and dampening into the Red Wolf 2, putting us way ahead of the pack.


Audience SX Umbilical

As with all things audiophile, we like to see how far we can take an idea to eke out every drop of performance possible. After our real world experience in upgrading our cable loom from Audience’s AU24SE cabling to the SX line, this became a very worthwhile project and the results were as good as we hoped.

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Given the enormous interest in our products post AXPONA 2018, we have been unable to truly devote the time we need to building out the product paga for the Red Wolf 2. Please check back in and watch our progress – it will be awesome…

As we were building the Alpha 2 series, there were a number of processes and technologies that were developed but did not make the cut. As we sat down to plan the next system, we identified which of these advancements provided the best sonic improvement for the cost, and the Red Wolf began to take shape. While the external linear power supply jumps out as one of the most apparent additions, there is a lot going on under the hood of the Red Wolf – technical advancements and good, old fashioned audiophile manufacturing methodologies that you aren’t going to find in modern streamers, or even other servers.

We spend more than twice the time building the Red Wolf than the Alpha 2. Our experience has proven the importance of matching parts, CPU and RAM binning, and preparing the silicon as well as the case before installation to construct an utterly silent and bomb-proof server that is at home amongst some of the most exotic hardware you’ll find.  We went to Audience – one of the top US cable makers, told them our hopes and dreams and came back with a revamped power delivery chain that even NASA would envy. We talked to industry greats to learn more about shielding EMI/RFI and further improved the system, finding and implementing new anti-vibration materials to mitigate subsonic interference.

We’ve put a lot of work into the Red Wolf, and continue to improve it. And given the results of recent shoot-outs we have had with other servers and streamers, we are pretty damn proud, and confident that you will be too.

"The sound quality [of the Red Wolf] was of an order higher"
Doug Schroeder calls the Red Wolf "an eye-opening product."
"[The Red Wolf is] powerful and smooth sounding, very addicting.

Doug SchroederDagogo

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Additional SSD (Storage)

No Upgrade, 4TB, 8TB, 12TB

System Drive

No Upgrade, 512GB, 1TB


No Upgrade, +32GB

CPU Upgrade

No Upgrade, Core i7-8700, Core i7-8700k


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