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The Chroma 7 is WireWorld’s 2nd level up, 16 conductor, Composilex HDMI Cable – OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductors and a geometry backed up by science. From our experience, you don’t need scientific equipment to measure the benefits – they are immediately apparent. The Chroma 7 HDMI cable is one of our go to cables for connecting our touchscreen monitors, and it is another of our daily drivers on the road doing demos and at shows, we trust it. The Chroma cables have held up, being haphazardly stuffed in bags, loaned out to customers and seen some abuse that makes us cringe… and they still work. At (and actually under) the $200 price point for 9.0m cables, these perform exceptionally well, improving the visual quality of our control screens and keeping the signal intact over very long runs.

Being a Florida based company, we always look for opportunities to work with other local manufacturers, and WireWorld was a no-brainer. David Salz and his team have created some fantastic cables… some of the nicest we’ve seen, in aesthetics and performance. We played with a lot of brands of HDMI cables over the years, big names, little names, top tier and bargain basement – we’ve stopped looking now that we have WireWorld.

When we first got our hands on the WireWorld HDMI cables, we had to suppress our lust and excitement – after reading reams of reviews and practically memorizing the specs on them, we had high expectations. It sometimes happens that the reality doesn’t match up with expectations, especially when we’ve read into the products for years. We didn’t need to worry, the cables are just ridiculously good, even on a temperamental plasma from 2009. Colors, sound, both almost magically improved. WireWorld’s HDMI cables can be found in all of our video systems, in our parents systems, and anyone else who asks our opinion on the best HDMI…

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With heavy 24 gauge OFC conductors in the flat Symmetricon design, Chroma 7 provides greater imaging and sonic precision than conventional round HDMI cables. You’ll be amazed at the visual clarity of this cable, and the dynamic sound quality will really surprise you.

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.3m (1 ft), 0.5m (20 in), 1.0m (40 in), 2.0m (6.5ft), 3.0m (10ft), 5.0m (16.4ft)


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