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The Platinum Starlight 7 is WireWorld's top USB Cable – Solid Silver conductors, a precision 90 Ohm impedance and Composilex 2 insulation.  And the famous WireWorld geometry, backed up by science. The thing is, you don't need scientific equipment to measure the benefits – they are immediately apparent. This is a fantastic USB cable, and like the Audience, right up there at the top of our list of favorite cables, even facing up against price no object skunkworks-type cables three times the cost.  This cable is perfect for the messy stereo rooms where the USB is going to snake through a maze of other cables, with great shielding rendering it impervious to crosstalk and EMI/RFI.

Being a Florida based company, we always look for opportunities to work with other local manufacturers, and WireWorld was a no-brainer. David Salz and his team have created some fantastic cables… some of the nicest we've seen, in aesthetics and performance. We played with a lot of brands of HDMI cables over the years, big names, little names, top tier and bargain basement – we've stopped looking now that we have WireWorld.

When we first got our hands on the WireWorld HDMI cables, we had to suppress our lust and excitement – after reading reams of reviews and practically memorizing the specs on them, we had high expectations. It sometimes happens that the reality doesn't match up with expectations, especially when we've read into the products for years. We didn't need to worry, the cables are just ridiculously good, even on a temperamental plasma from 2009. Colors, sound, both almost magically improved. WireWorld's HDMI cables can be found in all of our video systems, in our parents systems, and anyone else who asks our opinion on the best HDMI…

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The Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0 cable represents Wireworld’s application of their most advanced technology and materials to build their finest USB cable.

“The ultimate goal of my cable design career is to create cables that let you hear and feel all of the music. To achieve that goal, I created objective listening tests that I’ve recently named ‘Audio Cable Polygraphs’. In these tests, listeners compare the sonic effects of cables to the reference standard for fidelity, a direct connection between components. These tests are dramatically more effective than comparing one cable to another, because they let you hear the musical information that the cables are losing.”Adapting this testing technique to USB presented a new challenge that went beyond the usual requirement of making adapters for the direct connections. That challenge was isolating the computer noise that enters the DAC through the 5 volt power lead in the cable. To meet that challenge, I designed a very effective noise-absorbing coaxial power lead that would end up inside the cable. By adding a length of that power lead to my reference adapters, I created a reference standard that would properly represent a perfectly lossless and quiet USB cable. These reference adapters sound dramatically more detailed, dynamic and lifelike than most USB cables.

“With my laboratory reference for comparison, I began testing prototypes built with the patented DNA Helix conductor geometry that I developed for our high end HDMI cables. This design utilizes twice as many conductors as others in an arrangement that measurably improves waveform fidelity. With substantially cleaner square waves than the conventional USB design used by others, the DNA Helix prototypes excelled at preserving the quiet details lost by other cables. As I refined the engineering details that increased transmission speed and reduced noise, the sound continued to get closer to the natural tonality and amazing resolution of the reference. I delayed production of Platinum Starlight 7 until the design sounded relatively close to perfect.”

-David Salz

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