Wolf Audio Systems Servers

Wolf is proud to announce the release of the Luna, Alpha 3 and Red Wolf 2! These new systems are the product of years of experimentation, testing and trial and error to create the best hardware and software configurations on the market.

The Luna

The Luna takes everything that we loved about the Cub but brings the performance much closer to Alpha levels. Fully silent, the Luna features all the big system capabilities with room to expand as your collection does.  Possessing many of the advancements found in the Alpha 3 and Red Wolf 2, this is the perfect machine for the audiophile whose space is at a premium.

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The Alpha 3

Welcome to the next great step in audiophile evolution with the Alpha 3! Building on the success of the Alpha 2, the Alpha 3 ups the ante in sound, power, and now 4k60P video. The Alpha 3 debuted at AXPONA 2018 and drove the Stillpoints room to an award, now imagine what it will do for your listening room.

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The Red Wolf 2

The Red Wolf 2 is changing the game – again. We took stock of our advances and discoveries in sound reproduction since the release of the original Red Wolf and realized that they didn’t just add up to an incremental step, we had a whole new product on our hands. This isn’t just a seriously powerful machine, it is a true evolution of an art form that will leave other system builders playing catch up for a while.

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The Alpha 2

The Alpha 2 is our first love, a system designed for our personal needs, and at a price point that made sense to us.  We weren’t happy with what was available, so we built our own and embarked on an odyssey that continues to this day. The system has evolved with us, and the Alpha 2 platform is even more lust-inducing than it was at its start.

The Alpha 2

Server Accessories

With a system as powerful as the Wolf, you have options... whether you are listening to music, browsing the web, buying music or doing whatever you like, here are the tools that we use every day and recommend wholeheartedly.


Digital to Analogue Conversion

Choosing a DAC is as important a step in the evolution of your stereo, as big a change to your sound as a new set of speakers. What you will find below reflects DACs that we know, we like, we use on a regular basis. Watch this space as we expand our relationships.

Cabling and Power Products

The products that see everyday use with Wolf…

HDMI Cables

USB cables

Power Cables