What happens when several companies who use Wolfs as their primary digital source get together and start brainstorming? The answer is one of the most enjoyable and exciting projects yet… Isolation, Grounding and RF/EM Interference – those were our key objectives, and Wolf has leveraged the massive experience of Stillpoints and eXemplar Audio to take the Alpha 3 platform to an entirely new level. We are doing DSD1024, MultiChannel DSD over USB and hearing elements of the music that we’ve never heard before.

The Luna takes everything that we loved about the Cub but brings the performance much closer to Alpha levels. Fully silent, the Luna features all the big system capabilities with room to expand as your collection does. Possessing many of the advancements found in the Alpha 3 and Red Wolf 2, this is the perfect machine for the audiophile whose space is at a premium.

Featuring a big jump in sonics and power over its predecessor, the Alpha 3 is the system capturing attention and making even vinyl lovers take notice. Missed out on Oppo? We didn’t mind… our 105 is collecting dust in the backup stereo because the Alpha 3 handles everything it could do, and more.

Red Wolf 2

Often imitated, the Red Wolf 2 is changing the game – again.  We took stock of our advances and discoveries in sound reproduction since the release of the original Red Wolf and realized that they didn’t just add up to an incremental step, we had a whole new product on our hands. You want a Statement? This is it.

The Alpha 2 is the machine that started it all. It’s perfect for the discerning audiophile who wants to integrate their existing media collection – whether from disc or hard drive – into the next step of audio evolution. And the best part? It sounds amazing.